5 Most Famous And Talented Female Tattoo Artist

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If you want to get a tattoo you have to consult the best artists. So you have to choose a highly talented and dedicated artist. Then you get the best work and satisfaction. Here is the introduction of some famous tattoo artists who are most dedicated and got name worldwide.

1. Kat Von D


Katherine Von Drachenberg, known as Kat Von D (conceived March 8, 1982), is an American tattoo artist, model, performer, creator, business visionary, and TV character.

She is most popular for her work as a tattoo artist on the TLC unscripted tv show LA Ink, which debuted in the United States on August 7, 2007, and ran for four seasons. She is additionally known for her beautifying agents’ line that propelled in 2008.

Von D showed up in two periods of Miami Ink, the unscripted television show taped at 305 Ink in Miami for the link organize TLC.

She was offered the situation after Darren Brass broke his elbow, keeping him from inking. She had a dropping out with Ami James, which prompted her choice to leave the shop and the show.

She in this way procured her own TLC arrangement, LA Ink, which chronicled her work at her tattoo shop, High Voltage Tattoo, in Hollywood, California.

Her first book, High Voltage Tattoo, ordering her arts and tattoos, with a foreword by Mötley Crüe’s Nikki Sixx, was discharged in January 2009 and came to #6 on The New York Times Best Seller list.

Von D depicted the book as “not a collection of memoirs, you know since, I’m too youthful to even consider doing that. Yet, this is the only sort of like an image-driven blueprint of my vocation as an artist.

Along these lines, you see everything from my drawings when I was six to tattoos that have at no other time been seen.” Her subsequent book, The Tattoo Chronicles, an outlined journal following a year in her life, was discharged on October 26, 2010, and came to #3 on The New York Times “Hardcover Advice and Misc.” smash hit rundown.

The aftermath prompted the lipstick being renamed “Dearest”. This decision is much increasingly disputable with her being ensnared in other enemies of Semitic acts.

Von D fell under analysis again when she named a lipstick “Celebutard”, Sephora immediately pulled the lipstick from their stores and gave a conciliatory sentiment.

Von D is the maker of the MusInk Tattoo Convention and Music Festival, which started in 2008. Musink is an all-ages Tattoo, Music, and Art celebration situated in Southern California.

On September 2, 2010, Von D opened the workmanship display and boutique Wonderland Gallery in the space nearby to High Voltage Tattoo.

She propelled the attire lines KVD Los Angeles and Kat Von D Los Angeles in the US and Canada in fall 2011.

2. Sarah Gaugler


Sarah Gaugler is a Filipino-American tattoo artist, visual artist, fashioner, artist, model, entertainer and performer. She is most popular for her mark line art and being the artist of the electronic stone pair Turbo Goth.

Gaugler studied Advertising at the University of Santo Tomas, where she graduated with distinction getting a four-year certification in Fine Arts and Design.

As an understudy, she immediately positively shaped the Filipino art industry. She represented and structured the art for the Filipino pop musical crew Orange and Lemons’ last studio collection, Moonlane Gardens.

The collection workmanship proceeded to win her the NU Rock Awards for Best Album Packaging Design in 2007, and afterward The Awit Awards in 2008 for a similar class.

Gaugler’s fine arts have been displayed in the Philippines through numerous gatherings appears. She has been highlighted in exhibitions, for example, Gallery Big, Gallery 9, Rockwell, and Robinson’s Galleria.

Her first performance show was in 2011 called ‘Dead Lines and Tattoo Designs’. The show was a triumph and it made ready for her first significant presentation in 2012 called ‘Condemnant Quod Non-Intellegunt’ at The Crucible Gallery, Megamall.

Gaugler is at present an expert tattoo artist in New York City. She started inking in 2008. Her particular line art style and handcrafts helped her manufacture a consistent demographic including numerous Filipino big names. In 2012, she opened her shop Snow Tattoo in Manila, and in 2015 the shop moved to the Chelsea neighborhood in Manhattan.

She was one of the judges at the Philippine tattoo rivalry, ‘Tatularan 3’ in 2012. In 2014, Spot.ph positioned Snow Tattoo one of the best ten tattoo shops in the Philippines.

3. Kim Saigh


Kim Saigh was born on June 25, 1973, at Westlake, Ohio. She is an American tattoo artist and TV character. She is most popular for her work as a highlighted tattoo artist on the TLC unscripted TV show LA Ink.

She got her first tattoo at 16 years old. At 18 years old she turned into a disciple at one of her companion’s tattoo studios. In 1994 she migrated to Chicago to work in Guy Aitchison’s tattoo studio.

She later opened the Cherry Bomb Tattoo Studio and was then welcomed to Los Angeles to fill in as an artist in High Voltage Tattoos, the shop which is trailed by the unscripted TV appear LA Ink.

She right now works at Memoir Tattoo in LA with individual artist Shawn Barber.

4. Hannah Aitchison


Hannah Aitchison was born on December 20, 1966. She is an American tattoo artist, as of now situated in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Hannah was situated in Chicago at Deluxe Tattoo for a long time.

However migrated to Pittsburgh, PA to tattoo in her studio, Curiosity Shop, where she works in different mediums and ministers an assortment of collectibles and peculiarities. She keeps on venturing to the far corners of the planet, working at tattoo shows and artist groups, among others.

She is outstanding for her appearance on Seasons 1-3 of the TLC unscripted tv show LA Ink. what’re more, 3 Seasons as a Judge on Best Ink (Oxygen Network). She additionally examined old-style singing and is a specialist knitter.

Aitchison contributed statements to Girls Against Girls by creator Bonnie Burton. Aitchison is the sister of the tattoo artist, Guy Aitchison.

5. María José Cristerna


María José Cristerna Méndez born in 1976, referred to as The Vampire Woman or as she likes, The Jaguar Woman is a Mexican legal counselor, representative, dissident, and tattoo artist.

She is known for her broad body alterations, which she left on as a type of activism against aggressive behavior at home. She is perceived by Guinness World Records as the most inked lady on the planet, with 96% of her body secured, and is one of the most acclaimed characters in the realm of tattoo arts.

María José Cristerna was conceived in Guadalajara, Jalisco in 1976, and experienced childhood in a strict family. At age 14, she got her first tattoo, the logo of the Swedish metal band Bathory.

She earned a degree in criminal law at the Catholic University of Mexico.[4] During her first marriage, she was a casualty of aggressive behavior at home, driving her to choose to adjust her body as an indication of solidarity, boldness, and freedom.

Notwithstanding functioning as a legal advisor, Cristerna is a businessperson and has her own tattoo studio and a boutique where she sells her very own dress line called Mujeres vampiro (Vampire Women).

Cristerna is perceived as the most inked lady in the world. 96% of her body is shrouded in tattoos, as per Guinness World Records.

Her body adjustments additionally incorporate a split tongue, subdermal inserts, piercings, ear extensions, eye tattoos, scarification, and dental inserts.

She as often as possible goes to worldwide celebrations and shows on tattoos and body adjustment. She has likewise been welcomed onto different TV programs, for example, Taboo on the National Geographic Channel, and to occasions on body suspension.

Ripley’s Believe It or Not! has raised a wax statue of Cristerna in its exhibition halls.

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