Keith Scott McCurdy A Tattoo Artist

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Keith Scott McCurdy A Tattoo Atist

Keith Scott McCurdy is known as “Bang Bang” brought into the world on 28 November 1985. He is an American big name tattoo artist based in New York. He is known for his work with Cara Delevingne, Rihanna, Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, LeBron James, Adele, Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez and Kylie Jenner.

Background Of Keith Scott McCurdy

Keith Scott McCurdy "Bang Bang" A Tattoo Atist

Keith Scott McCurdy was born to high school guardians Vincent LaCava and Susan McCurdy in Pottstown, Pennsylvania. Before long, his dad left for college, while he and his mother moved to Claymont, Delaware, where she earned a living as a dancer and inevitably opened a cleaning business.

The way of life his mom shared during McCurdy’s childhood presented him to an offensive way of life, compelling him to grow up quickly. At age 13, McCurdy entered South Kent, a Connecticut all-inclusive school for young men.

However, he was inevitably ousted from undermining a Spanish test and came back to Delaware to begin his senior year at Mount Pleasant High School. Be that as it may, he dropped out of secondary school to seek after his affection for tattoos.

Profession Of Keith Scott McCurdy

Professional Tattoo Artist Keith Scott McCurdy

Keith Scott McCurdy got his first tattoo at 15 years old after his folks regarded a deal that they would assent on the off chance that he made the respect roll. The Superman logo was accomplished for $180 at Tattoos by RC in Folsom, Pennsylvania.

In 2004, Keith Scott requested a tattoo unit on the web and started rehearsing on himself, companions, and family members. Just three months after the fact he got a new line of work at his dad’s companion’s tattoo shop outside a close by the trailer park.

The following year, Keith Scott “Bang Bang” started working at Rage of the Needle in Minquadale, Delaware. He before long made a full promise to being a tattoo artist by having a firearm inked on either side of his neck, alongside the lettering perusing “Bang Bang”, which brought about his expert epithet.

Not exactly a year subsequent to propelling his profession, McCurdy moved to New York City. He made some hard memories looking for some kind of employment from the outset, skipping starting with one tattoo shop then onto the next.

At the point when he would show tattoo craftsmen his portfolio, they made some hard memories trusting it was really McCurdy’s work as a result of how astonishingly the tattoos were finished.

Bang Bang is the long run looked for some kind of employment at Crazy Fantasy in Greenwich Village, which he portrayed as “the dirtiest, generally disturbing, shittiest, most run-down vomitorium on that little strip.” Soon after he moved to a close-by parlor called Whatever Tattoo.

Where he immediately earned a notoriety for being the best tattoo artist in the shop. It was there in 2007 that McCurdy initially met Barbadian pop star Rihanna. She had initially needed a Sanskrit supplication down the rear of her legs, however, he persuaded her to get the tattoo on her hip. While Rihanna was completing the tattoo.

She was with a correspondent, and numerous individuals began assembling around the tattoo shop’s window watching her complete it. Rihanna’s tattoo had transformed him and opened up a lot more open doors for Keith Scott McCurdy.

Keith Scott “Bang Bang” acknowledges his work for her as an impetus prompting his reputation among other superstar customers, whom he much of the time permits to tattoo him.

Keith Scott “Bang Bang” made notorious tattoos with the topic and body area that were replicated unendingly, a model being the lion face inked on Cara Delevingne’s pointer. She went in mentioning “lion” along her finger, in spite of the fact that McCurdy recommended rather that he tattoo the substance of a lion.

As interest for his work developed, Keith Scott McCurdy got down to business between a few tattoo parlors, including Last Rites and East Side Ink. At the point when his offer for proprietorship was spurned.

Keith Scott “Bang Bang” made arrangements to dispatch his very own shop, a move that at last prompted his terminating. After about a time of work around New York City, McCurdy opened Bang Tattoo on Clinton Street in 2013, with venture cash originating from his dad.

Notwithstanding, their relationship crumbled rapidly, and he had to restart the business in another shop on Broome Street the next year. In 2015, McCurdy distributed a journal and footstool book titled Bang: My Life in Ink. In 2018, he opened a second area on Grand Street in SoHo.

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